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Santas, Santas, Everywhere

By Pipka

Pipka and Her Painted Wooden Santas
Pipka and Her Painted Wooden Santas

It all started on a cold blustery winter day. The snow drifts reached the windowsills of my studio. I had to wait for the snowplow before I could leave so it seemed like a good time to paint some Christmas gifts for my family. My mother loved Christmas, so I decided to paint an old-world Father Christmas for her on a large wooden cutout.

It was warm and cozy in the cottage, the aroma of fresh coffee filled the room and music came from the radio as I began my first Santa painting. Memories flooded my mind; the magical Christmases our family had celebrated and all the customs of our German heritage they kept alive. We had real candles on our Christmas tree decorated with homemade gingerbread cookies and always a creche set under the tree.

That first Santa inspired me to research the history of Father Christmas in other countries thus beginning a lifetime of travel, storytelling and designing more Santas. In 1995 I met two people who would share my vision and change my life. Michele and Gary started a company, Prizm, Inc., making my designs into exquisite collectible figurines that were sold all over the country. It was the most wonderful journey that all began on a cold blustery winter day in a little village in Door County, Wisconsin. Christmas dreams do come true!


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