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Life is What You Bake it!

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When I was 9 years old, I baked my first apple pie for my mother.  The joy on her face when she came home to that pie was enough to make me want to bake for others as well. Soon neighbors were getting pies and cookies from the little girl next door who liked to bake. Me.

Pies turned into cakes. One day, while I was looking through my mother’s recipe book, I came across a recipe my Oma, grandmother, used to make, Almond Cake.

Over the years, I tweaked the recipe, imported a special pan from Germany to bake it in and baked hundreds of almond cakes. I gave them to neighbors, friends, family, and food pantries and eventually started making almond cakes for my customers.

Pipka in studio, 1995 (6).png

What makes this cake so extraordinary is that it’s so delicious and so very simple to make! This cake is all about numbers. You need 7 ingredients, 5 minutes to mix them up and 1 bowl. Oh, and 1 almond cake pan. Bake the cake for 40 minutes. Cool it for 8 minutes. Pop it out of the pan and cool completely. Then if you don’t eat it right away, a feat in itself, freeze the cake for up to 6 months.

Today you can purchase my Oma’s cake pan and as we mix up more yummy ideas in our kitchen, more products will be available.

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Enjoy Pipka in her kitchen, images of her cakes and more...

"Baking is the way I share a bit of my own essence.” -Pipka
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