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Celebrating My Mother

By Pipka

Wanting to share, as we celebrate Mother's Day weekend....

My mother was a woman of great talent and resourcefulness, not to mention great beauty. She lived for her children while carving out her own life as a single mother in a foreign country, alone, without her German family to guide and help her. She loved America, the free spirit of the people and the endless opportunities. She instilled a work ethic and good manners into her children as well as the belief that all people are good, this coming from a woman who witnessed the horrors of World War II in her home country.

As a single Mother, she worked 5 days a week and on Friday after work she took my little brother and I shopping and dinner at the mall (think 1950’s). Friday nights I was allowed to stay up to watch a late movie on (black & white) tv with her, but, frankly, although it seemed like a luxury, I was always falling asleep before the movie ended.  Saturday morning was cleaning the house day, my room had to be spic and span. It felt good to have a neat clean room. She taught me how to fold my pants and hang them on the hanger. At noon the work was finished and we would go to the lake or to the Lincoln Dell for mazto ball soup and a rich dreamy dessert.

As I grew up, got married and had my own children, my Mother did everything she could to help us out. She never came to my house empty handed. There was always something she baked or flowers in her arms as I greeted her at the door. Sundays we were expected at her house for her roast chicken dinner served on her good china and best tablecloth. She made us feel so loved and special, always giving us the best of everything she had.

We also moved 18 times before I was 18 years old, but that’s another story for another time. I had the best mother any girl could ever want and my heart is filled with gratitude. I miss her. She must know that because lately she has been in my dreams. Thank you for everything, Mom!


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