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Pipka’s famous Almond Cake is available in a convenient cake mix…and is it ever delicious! You just add a few wet ingredients, things you probably already have in your fridge. My simple basic cake mix lets you change flavors as easily as changing extracts. Try cherry, lavender or any one of my gourmet extracts. This makes baking Almond Cake so easy you’ll be able to stock your freezer with cakes to have ready as gifts or when a neighbor comes over for coffee. Happy Baking!

Pipka’s Original Almond Cake Mix

  • Pipka's Original Almond Cake Mix is an easy way to make her famous cake. There's just enough mix to fill Pipka's Almond Cake Pan. Pipka likes to add mini chocolate chips and chopped Door County cherries for an extra special cake. Bake. Share. Love.

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