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Treasured Trunks

By Pipka

Recently I have come across a couple decorative painted trunks that I had painted a lifetime ago and thought I would share this past with you.

Along with other decorative painters, I painted an endless number of trunks from my little decorative painter’s shop in Minneapolis Minnesota in the seventies. and eighties. To fill our need to paint, we would search for old trunks, step stools, flower pots, cutting boards, cookie tins and milking stools; which became our canvases. Then we would spend endless hours painting everything from flowers to butterflies on them. I was drawn to paint very German looking motifs, a true influence from my heritage.

In the past, more recent years, every once in a while, I would find one of these hand painted items at a thrift shop or an estate auction, especially in the Wisconsin and Minnesota area. Each piece is quite rare, each having its own wonderful design.

Start treasure hunting today!

This trunk painted in 1979 was recently shared with me through an email from Amos Michael. He has recently inherited it from his grandmother.

This German inspired trunk was shared with me by Amy Kieffer Keihn. She discovered this treasure in a  storage locker in Shakopee, Minnesota.


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