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Nest...a Place of Rest

By Pipka

Collage Art by Pipka on a Clipboard

Nest...a place of rest, retreat, or lodging. Although I think of a nest as a place for birds making a home for their eggs, it's also a place I associate with my home. A man has his castle, a woman has her nest. We are the nurturers, soothers, care givers so our nests should be peaceful and comforting even if we are just nurturing and caring for ourselves. Our nest can be just one room, or a corner of our home filled with books we love and a cushy chair we can sink into. My nest is my bed. The first thing I say when I get into bed at night, lay my head on my down pillows and pull the duvet up to my neck, is, "Thank you, God, for my bed". I'm tucked into my nest.


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