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Treasure Hunting

By Michele Johnson and Pipka

Angie, Pipka and a Vintage Santa Candy Container
Angie, Pipka and a Vintage Santa Candy Container

There’s nothing better than spending a day hunting for treasures at antique shops, estate sales, auctions, or flea markets. Michele and Pipka share their love of the hunt! Michele’s discerning eye finds old watering cans, game boards and Madonna’s, to name a just few. Pipka is always on the lookout for antique postcards that inspire her art and imagination.

One year, Pipka, Michele and Pipka’s daughter, Angie, decided it was time to expand their treasure hunt to Lancaster County, PA, a German settlement in Amish farm country. At the markets, we spent hours searching for and uncovering items that peaked their interests. Michele found old suitcases that she would eventually stack up as an end table in her home. Pipka’s finds included many antique postcards and books while Angie, a Florida girl, found a mermaid for her garden.

Treasure hunting requires sustenance and Amish country is famous for homemade cooking and lavish buffets. Shoofly pie, cabbage rolls, scrapple and biscuits filled up our plates and tummies at the end of each day. Later at the hotel, we would spread out their treasures, share our stores and relish our finds, before falling asleep and dreaming of the day we would return to Lancaster County.


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