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Disney World’s Special Guest

By Michele Johnson, founder of Prizm, Inc. the company that made the Pipka dream a reality.

Pipka at Mickey's Christmas Carol
Pipka at Mickey's Christmas Carol

In 1995, Pipka was invited to be a guest artist for a magical signing event at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. As the guests entered the park, they received a Pipka Souvenir. When they came to meet Pipka at Mickey’s Christmas Carol, they were enchanted by her warmth and stories that inspired each Santa. I found myself listening to Pipka and beaming with pride.

I am also an artist. I began my art career drawing Disney characters, so you can imagine, being a guest at Disney World, meeting Mickey and his friends, was an incredible experience.

After a long, exciting day, meeting hundreds of people, we headed back to our beautiful hotel room, tired and happy. As we kicked off our shoes and got ready for bed, we heard a knock on the door. Standing there was a Disney staff member with a jug of cold milk and a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies! We were elated at this thoughtful and delicious gesture. As we drifted off to sleep that night, we knew Disney World really was the land of enchantment.

The photos below are of Pipka, me and Pipka’s family at the Disney event.


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