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The Juleman is the Norwegian name for the Christmas Man. Scandinavian countries have a long history of pixie like spirits, Julenissen, bringing gifts at Christmas time. Recent times, however, have adopted the Juleman as the primary gift bringer although the little elves are still creating mischief so as not to be forgotten. The Juleman navigates the deep snowy landscape with the help of his snowshoes as a lighted lantern guides him through the dense, dark forest. He carries simply wrapped gifts, toys, and a small Christmas tree while the pixie Julenisse rides along in the basket on his back. Upon returning home after his long journey, the JULEMAN he will sit in his chair in front of the glow of the fireplace to enjoy a dish of rummogrot, a creamy rice pudding that will warm his heart and toes before he settles down for a winter’s nap.

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