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Renaissance Madonna

The Renaissance period, from the 14th to mid-17th centuries, was an era of rediscovery based on Greek and Roman literature. The word, renaissance, is often used to describe a "rebirth" or "reawakening."  So, it seems fitting to name our Madonna, the Renaissance Madonna.


The 21st century is a time to awaken our spirits to the sacredness of women and motherhood. It is only when all repressed peoples, including women and children, are treated with equality, fairness and respect that we can hope to have a better world. The Renaissance Madonna typifies the love and respect we have for the Mother of the Christ Child. She wrapped her Baby in a mother's sacred love, protecting, nurturing and teaching him scripture and values, so that He could grow up to fulfill his role as Savior of the World. Like the great artists of their time, Shakespeare, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, The Renaissance Madonna awakens us to all possibilities and allows our spirits to soar.

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