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Arctic Santa & Friends

Although the Arctic Circle is a vast land of frozen terrain, it is not barren. Animals like the Arctic Fox, Polar Bear and Snow Owl have learned to adapt to this cruel and harsh climate. All the animals have dense fur to protect them from the subzero temperatures, giving them a cuddly appearance. The Arctic Fox lives in dens and digs tunnels in the snow for his family. He is about the size of a cat with thick pads on his feet to protect him from the cold. The Arctic Hare pulls his ears back and huddles in the wind to keep warm. He eats plants and twigs, using his sharp front claws to dig in the ice. The Arctic Tern, sitting on Santa's shoulder, flies thousands of miles from the South Pole to nest and raise its young. The Polar Bear, the world's largest bear, has feet like snowshoes to help him move about and his thick fur and layers of fat keep him warm so that he can swim the frigid waters. The Snowy Owl, so named because he is pure white, lives in the Arctic all year round. His feet are covered in fur and have thick pads. His incredible vision helps him hunt for food. Today the Snow Owl is guiding the Artic Santa through the blowing wind and snow. Santa is also dressed in thick warm clothing to protect him from this harsh but beautiful region. The people of the Arctic Circle are vitally dependent on the animals for their survival and as Santa treks through the land his Arctic friends are beside him for protection and guidance.

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