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Santa With Toys (Signed by Pipka) is part of the Memories of Christmas limited edition collection. He is 11' tall, is number 213/4500 and comes with his original box. (Box is a little worn) His intricate coat and flowing beard make this Santa a classic old world Father Christmas figurine.

Santa with Toys

  • Santa With Toys looks weighed down by a huge sack of toys. Although his load is heavy and cumbersome, he gladly bears the burden to bring gifts to children everywhere. Many of the earliest illustrators of Father Christmas depict him as an old man shouldering into a huge winter storm with a large sack filled with toys over his shoulder. He symbolizes the strength and courage required to overcome obstacles of all our storms. Santa With Toys pushes forward, knowing that children all over the world are waiting. No storms or obstacles will deter him from his path. Santa with Toys is ageless, a gift bringer for all eras and all ages.

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