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Now you can get beautiful reproductions of Pipka’s original art of The Starlight Santa on a 13” x 19” poster. Printed on ivory linen, Pipka’s posters have the look and feel of hand painted originals.  We hope you enjoy your poster.
Poster: $30. Free Shipping.

Star Catcher Santa Linen Print

  • On Christmas Eve, the Star Catcher Santa enters the Black Forest to gather the stars that have fallen from the midnight sky. Accompanied by forest animals, they leave footprints in the pristine snow as he fills his knapsack with these golden treasures. Guided by his lantern, the Star Catcher Santa makes his way from one village to another, delivering stars of light for each family. The stars, shining bright, crown each Christmas tree. Their light warming the hearts of those who bask in the glow. The Star Catcher reminds us of the first Christmas star, its meaning remembered long after Christmas.

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