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One might think that Santa Claus would be lonely making his trek around the world on Christmas Eve with only his reindeer for companions. The truth is, Santa has a constant friend who watches his every move, illuminates his path, and smiles delightfully at Santa. The Christmas Moon is like no other, shining full and bright, making the night snow shimmer beautifully for all who will take time to see. Santa especially appreciates the moon’s beautiful glow as he takes a moment for a fun downhill ride on a sturdy taboggan over the glistening moonlit snow. As Santa enjoys his ride, he carefully cutches a small fir tree in one hand and the taboggan’s rope in the other. Santa basks in the companionship of the Christmas Moon.

Santa & The Christmas Moon Plate

  • “Santa & The Christmas Moon” 13.5” Plate Design 11660. Limited Edition. This limited-edition beautiful plate was released in 2003. With only 1200 produced, this decorative plate is exceptionally rare. In it's original box.

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