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VERY RARE! Raggedy Ann & Andy Santa stands 9 ½” tall, is edition #3 and comes with his original box. (Box is slightly worn) Made of cold cast resin and painted with intricate detail.


You will receive a special card from Pipka to you, once this rare figuirne is purchased.


© & ™ Simon & Schuster, Inc. Licensed by United Media. Raggedy Ann and Andy and associated characters are trademarks of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Raggedy Ann & Andy Santa

  • A childhood favorite we all love, Raggedy Ann & Andy, is also beloved by Santa! With the old world magic of Pipka Santas and the classic charm of these dolls, this highly detailed figurine will be a must for collectors and a keepsake for collector and child. This brother and sister pair have been fascinating children for ninety years and have come to represent the basic values of love, compassion, and generosity. This is is Pipka's first design featuring a licensed image.


    Gruelle, a cartoonist and illustrator, wrote a children's book about Raggedy Ann in 1918. Publisher P. F. Volland arranged to sell Raggedy Ann dolls along with the books, and the tie-in between Gruelle's Raggedy Ann Stories and the dolls proved a marketing hit. In 1920, Gruelle introduced the Raggedy Andy Stories. Johnny Gruelle created the Raggedy Ann doll for his daughter in 1915 and Raggedy Andy followed five years later.

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