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My Friend, Esther Kirby

By Pipka


For many years I traveled the country to home studios and shops to teach painting classes. On several occasions I stayed with Esther Kirby and taught at her home studio in Dayton, Tennessee. She lived in a rambler overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. A fig bush grew outside her front door and often she would pick a couple of sun warmed figs for our breakfast before class. I’ve never had anything so good as those figs.

Esther used to have a little cafe in Dayton. She told me that once Walmart moved in all the small businesses suffered and eventually, she closed her cafe. Luckily, I got to stay with her during my painting classes and savor her wonderful food and baking skills. I always wanted seconds of anything she made.

We became good friends and often she would send me a recipe that she knew I had loved while visiting her. This is one of them…bisquits that melt in your mouth. Warning: they are not low calorie but easy to make and sure to please anyone who has one warm out of the oven. Esther has since passed away but I think of her and those figs every time I make one of her recipes. Here’s to you, Esther. I am sharing your recipe with my friends.

Your good food lives on! Life is good.


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