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Leading a Vibrant Life

Are you feeling like a couch potato? Bored with everything in your fridge?

I was too until I came across this book "The Vibrant Life", eat well, be well, by Amanda Haas. Wow! The recipes are delicious, easy and don't make you feel like you've just came away from a Thanksgiving feast.

Here's the good part, it's not JUST about food because you can't lead a vibrant life if you eat a healthy meal and then binge watch 8 episodes on Netflix. No, this book is about balance, exercise , sex and aging...did that get your attention?...as well as massage and self care. It's got everything you need to lead a vibrant life with lots of photos and clear, motivating writing. .

This is one of my favorite recipes from The Vibrant Life, the Strawberry Basil smoothie. What? Did I just say basil? I had thought basil was just for pesto and vegetable dishes. Little did I know! Yup. It's the secret ingredient that makes this smoothie so tasty. This is one of the best smoothies I have ever made. In fact my roommate just brought home organic strawberries with pleas to share this Strawberry Basil smoothie with her. And of course I'll share! The recipe makes enough for two glasses full of pink goodness.

Strawberry Basil Smoothie

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1 cup of almond milk

12 basil leaves

2 tablespoons honey.

Put all the ingredients into the blender. Turn on slow speed until the strawberries break down, then gradually turn the dial up to full speed. Blend for a minute or two until there are no lumps.

* Note: Did you know basil is loaded with anti-inflammatory and disease-fighting antioxidants?

All the more reason to make this smoothie often!

Pour your smoothie into a chilled glass ( place a glass in the freezer overnight) and top with a few berries and a basil leave to make it extra pretty . Eat the thick creamy pink goodness with a spoon or a reusable straw. Enjoy.

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