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An Angel In My House

I know what you're thinking..."Here's another crazy dog lady." You're right. I am. I'm also a first time dog owner and totally in love with this little girl, named Angel. Let me explain:

Over the past few years, I have been drawn to all things "dog". People walking their dogs, photos of dogs in magazines, dog shows on t.v. Something was calling me. It was a lonely time. Then, one day at a cooking class, I met a funny, beautiful young woman and we became fast friends. A few days later, she showed up at my shop with her children and two little dogs that were the cutest little animals (the dogs, not the kids) I had every seen. She promptly told me where she got her pups and before I knew it, I was in the car heading to Puppy Love.

Once I got there, and after a thorough vetting process, the owner brought out a little dog that she thought might be suitable for me based on the information I gave her: older woman needs little dog so they can grow old together. The first puppy was a lap dog that plopped on my lap and just laid there. Hmmm. The second puppy she brought me was...well, I said this to her..."the ugliest dog I've ever seen." She had shaggy multicolored hair, black spots under her eyes and looked, well, a mess. She sat by my feet as another puppy was brought in. This was a white snowball puppy, the cutest thing you'd every want to see, running back and forth like she was on a caffeine high. Too lively for me. Meanwhile, ugly dog kept sitting by my feet looking up at me.

She was calm. Attentive. 6 months old. OK. It looks like she wants to go home with me. But I had to wait another 2 weeks before I could pick her up during which time I wondered if I had made the right choice.

Two weeks later, I brought the cutest dog in the world home. She'd had been bathed, trimmed, no more dark spots under her eyes, a little 4 1/2 pounds of adorableness. I talked to her all the way home, letting her lick my finger. I sang lullabies to her every night as she cuddled into my bathrobe next to my heart and became acquainted with her new Mommy and her new home. She had my heart!

She is now two years old and has grown into a beautiful little girl with Betty Grable legs and wings for ears. We love each other, she is quiet, adorable, shy, sweet, funny, playful and keeps me on my toes. Every morning she wakes up happy. We cuddle before getting out of bed, then she jumps up for kisses and we play before I feed her.

For a long time her name was "Go Potty", then "Angel" and now she thinks her name is "I Love You".

She is an Angel. I am no longer lonely. Only blessed.

Her doggy bowls are from Ore Originals which I love because it's just the right size for a little dog and has the matching water bowl. The photo on the right is when Angel discovered a puppy in the mirror.

Happy days!

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