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Finnish Santa

If you're Finnish, you know that Santa lives in Korvantunturi, Finland, at the top of the Arctic Circle, a secret place where no one is allowed to visit. But Joulupukki still hears all the wishes of the children of the world. Finnish girls and boys write to him at: Santa Claus, Main Post Office, 96930, Arctic Circle, Finland. You can do the same! Christmas Eve is the most important day of the yuletide season for the Finns. They take saunas, prepare Christmas delicacies and sing wonderful Christmas carols. The Finns honor their animals at Christmas time, too, linking the manager animals of that first Christmas with the animals that surround their daily lives. Horses are given oats, and the stables are often decorated with garlands of fir branches. Birds are treated to special seeds and nuts. Christmas Day is a day for family and relaxation. December 26th is the day for visits from friends and family members. Weather permitting, children and adults enjoy the outdoors with sleigh rides, skating and sledding.


Joulupukki visits homes on Christmas Eve. Friendly gnomes that live with him on the Arctic Circle often accompany him. Reindeer pull his sleigh, and the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights light his way. The Finnish Santa knocks on the door and asks children the age-old question, 'Are there any good children here?' Of course, all homes are filled with good girls and boys, and Joulupukki leaves them many wonderful presents.

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