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Hi Everyone!

I'm so happy you came to visit my site. I'm an artist by profession and a baker by hobby. Both are my passion and I'm a firm believer we should all follow our passions!

I love coming home at night after a day at work and baking. My favorite thing to bake, because it's so easy and delicious, is my German grandmother's Almond Cake. It has only 7 ingredients and can be mixed up in one bowl in less than 5 minutes. (See Pipka's Original Almond Cake Recipe under the Yummy tab!) If I don't want to serve it right away, wrap the cake in cellophane and place it in the freezer. It only takes a few minutes to thaw in case company comes and you need to serve something with coffee. The secret is in the pan, which I faithfully import from Germany to guarantee I always get my grandmother's perfect results.


I live in beautiful Sister Bay in Door County, Wisconsin.  If you could fly over our county you'd see a green patchwork pattern of cherry and apple orchards. It looks like a quilt from the sky. Our limestone bluffs overlook Lake Michigan, the deepest of the great lakes and you see water into the endless horizon, like an ocean. Little villages are scattered about full of galleries, restaurants and fun shops. Our park trails are full of families hiking and bicycling.

My shop is a cozy white cottage full of beautiful handmade arts and crafts as well as gifts, cards, books and pretty things.


"Pipka's shop is the prettiest cottage in Door County." - Judy M.

I hope you can come to our beautiful county and visit us soon. We serve samples of my Almond Cake every day and roast our own special dessert coffees that complement the cake perfectly. After your taste of "YUM" you can browse the shop, searching all the cozy rooms for treasures.

Bake a cake. Share a cake. Be happy!


"My wife told me that no one can cook for me as well as she can. I brought home Pipka's Almond Cake and told her to try it. Now she's a believer --- we love this cake!" - Donny R.

"This is the first place we visit when we come to Door County. It’s so peaceful and special." 

– Kathy and Mary

"The cake is like Grandma's. Everything Grandma made was so good." - Jean P.

Pipka's of Door County   2340 Mill Road,  Sister Bay, WI  54234     920.854.4392   


January Hours:

OPEN Saturdays, 10am-4pm